Musings about the "Greatest Hits" project...

John DiRezze ([email protected])
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 16:09:07 -0400

Hello WIRE. First off, I would just like to thank Patty and Nico for
feeding us the information that they have. Correct or not, it certainly
has given all of us something to ponder. I have been considering this
project and have come to a conclusion. The album will NOT be a Rattle
and Hum type project. My reasons for concluding this are simple.
First, according to Cecilia at Propaganda, the boys won't be back in the
studio until September. Now, we how fast U2 are at putting together
albums ;) If they are not due in the studio till September, and the
album is slated for a november release they don't have much time!
Secondly, other than the rumored sessions in South Africa, we have not
heard about any recording taking place. Now, I know my speculations are
just as unfounded as everyone else but I think what the most likely
situation we will see is an entirely live album. This project will, I
think, more closely resemble Under A Blood Red Sky. Seeing as every
PopMart show was (supposedly?) recorded it makes sense to put out a disc
that contains the highlights of the tour. Of course, this album would
include live versions of all the classics as well as the PoP tunes. A
purely "Greatest Hits" project makes no sense at this time. Everything
that the band has ever said would seem to indicate that this is not the
time for such a project. For example, throughout the PopMart tour Bono
was often quoted as saying that 'he was sick of Nostalgia in music and
that bands should look ahead to the new century instead of to the
'60's.' A "Greatest Hits" album would be the most nostalgic project of
all. To me, the idea of Greatest Hits is saying that all our hits are
behind us, and I for one, believe that U2 is just reaching their musical
peak. Bono also stated during the PopMart press conference that the
tour would not be a Greatest Hits tour because, "...they didn't have
any..." Simply put, U2 will not put out a purely Greatest Hits album
because they don't believe in it. End of story. A live album
containing a variety of tunes from a variety of shows would be a great
companion to a live video, and this is what I think U2 is planning on
releasing. Well, I have spoken my mind. What do y'all think? Your
comments and responses are all welcome either to WIRE or at my personal
e-mail address: [email protected] Thanks for listening.


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