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Sun, 30 Aug 1998 01:26:41 EDT

> If they release a greatest hits album
> I'll stop being a fan.
> it would be a true sell-out
> Hans

now this i really don't understand.
why were you a fan in the first place then?

i'm a fan because i love their music, and
their presence. whether or not they put out a
compilation of some of their more popular or
well known songs doesn't change the music i love
in any way whatsoever. if someone doesn't want
a greatest hits or best of album, they don't have
to buy it. but many people do like such albums,
especially those with limited budgets, or people
newly introduced to a group that may have been
around for awhile. and whatever is wrong with
making money off one's work? nothing in my book.

i've never understood this 'sellout' concept and
all the animosity surrounding it. i'm a substance
over form person, for me it's all about the music,
either i like the music or i don't, to me the packaging
is irrelevant.


ROCK ON MY FRIEND!!! U2 could never be a "sellout", whatever that
means...they love their music and can do whatever they want with it. If that
includes releasing a greatest hits album then that is just fine with me...I'd
buy it. And I think a lot of people who aren't really huge fans would buy it
too maybe getting them a little more interested in the band. Whatever the
greatest band in the land decides, I'm on their side because I trust their

FOREVER a U2 fan,

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