Re: Better Than Ezra compared to U2/ What's a good Oasis song?

Shary T. ([email protected])
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 00:30:59 -0700

I for one like this comparison as I like Better than Ezra. Question for
Oasis fans... are there songs that better represent Oasis than the ones
that became "hits"? I didn't care for that Champagne super nova in the
sky song much and I wonder if it's a fair representation of their great
creativity so people speak of. Frankly, without malice, it's a dated
late 80's/early 90's type song to me with reflections of Echo and the
Bunnymen, Stone Roses and something from the 60's. I wonder if I'm
missing something (I don't blame the band but the fickly media) when it
comes to Radiohead and Oasis. I'm not impressed with the songs I HAVE
heard so I'm wondering if their representation was much like U2's for
Pop. I would've thought Discoteque WAS IT for the sound style on Pop if
I didn't know them better.
  So, what's some good songs/albums? ~Shary

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