my two cents..on the greatest hits

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Sun, 30 Aug 1998 03:39:27 EDT

Hi all...

Greatests Hits eh?? Hmm...sigh...well at first i thought it was an idiot
idea...why boys why?!!? But then i warmed up to canna be half bad
guys really...besides they'll probably have pictures in the cd booklet...we
all know we can never have enough u2 can we?? Come on we all have
our own tapes we made of "U2's greatest hits," be it...mood music, themed
music or just car listening fun. So why can't the boys let loose with their
own greatest hits tape?

And knowing U2 it will not be a run of the mill greatest hits'll
probably be interesting and quite unique and cutting edge, ie something lots
if fun. Besides how many of us have been complaining for U2 to release
SOMETHING...well they have responded and are throwing us a bone while they
work on an album...which also knowing them will be released at the end of the
century...not to critise but they do procrastinate to the bitter end.

And as for coming right at the 4th quater just in time for Christmas...what
better gift to get a friend who is wavering on the line for U2!!
hahaha...convert the world!!! Throw the fish a hook and reel the buggers in.

And as for the fans that are burning their "memberships" to the fan club et
al...well u2 has always been for shaking off the less diehard fan...and at the
same time increasing their fanbase...a contradiction I know...but that is were
our favourite irish band resides...right in the middle of a contradiction (or
two or three or four).

And as for the media who if they are on the same course they have been on for
the past year hate the idea and begin to ridicule and mock U2's latest
endeavor. Remeber ZooTV...the Media is the Anti-Christ. bad bad bad..only
useful to be used...(properly). So bullocks to them!!

goodnight all,
Birdwell<--help me I am being kidnapped by a band of giant pigmy hermits!!
(also a another appropriate phrase to describe U2...but donna worry they
aren't kidnapping me...the other band of giant pigmy hermits are....heeelp!!)

ps- now that i look at it its a bit more than two cents...maybe a few dollars
or so...well i have always thrown money around...the world is my soap box!!

(______ --"yank"

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