Greatest Hits project - have you no imagination?

[email protected]
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 17:24:30 +0900

Surely you people must respect the band enough to realise that no way is U2
going to release a 20 odd track compilation of their singles. The tag
"greatest hits" is merely for the record stores to categorise it. It's not
a new album, nor live album so what else do you call it?
It's strange how people love to criticise anything. I remember the night of
the Mexico broadcast everyone was raving about how fantastic it was. A few
months later when it was rumoured as a video and you're all pulling it to
pieces. And we call ourselves fans?
As you can tell I'm all for a "Greatest Hits" cd. If that's what the band
wants to do then let them do it. When they start listening to fans bitching
instead of using their artistic freedom then I'll know they have sold out.
And if that day comes then we all have ourselves to blame.


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