MP3 - Achtung Baby studio outtakes

Simon Daniel ([email protected])
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 12:37:20 +1200

The current Blue Light Special is...

During August/September, I plan on bringing you 9 tracks from the Achtung
Baby working tapes (which were bootlegged and sold as a 3CD set titled
'Salome'). As I only have enough disk space on my Xoom account for one MP3
file at any given time, I will be updating the file about every 3 days. The
Salome "liner notes" are available on my site in HTML format, which you can
print out. The second file (Disc 2 - Track 7) is available for download now.
I will be replacing it with another track on Wednesday night (New Zealand
time: GMT + 12:00).

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