People, please calm down...

Jo Spurrier ([email protected])
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 20:28:40 +0930

OK, one version of the rumour stated a few days ago said that the proposed
album would have some old songs, some live songs and some new songs, in the
style of R& it just me, or is this very similar to the Rather Go
Blind rumour?
Personally, i would be disappointed if U2 released a greatest hits album,
for the sole reason that it isn't new material! then there is something i
heard Bono say during a press conference when the band were in australia
earlier this year. he said something like "We're still a working rock band
- this isn't a greatest hits tour". i think the only reason U2 would
release a greatest hits album would be to satisfy their contract with
Polygram, so they could go somewhere else. i don't think that Polygram
could release such an album without U2's permission...doesn't it mention
somewhere in the Flanagan bible that the band won back all the rights to
their songs? (i could be mistaken as to what that actually means...i ain't
no law talkin' girl).
Really, a greatest hits album isn't such a bad thing. how many times have
you been asked by a friend as to which U2 album they should buy, or been
asked to make up a tape of U2 songs for someone? a greatest hits album
could make their music more accessable to new fans. i think a U2: Greatest
Hits is inevitable...eventually we will get one, but i'd much rather it
later than sooner.
Jo Spurrier

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