Aussie wirelings & Foxtel

Abbott Family ([email protected])
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 20:52:41 +1000

Hey wirelings,

Well this is of most interest for Aussie wirelings and in particular those
who have Foxtel.
Their showing the 1998 Brit Music Awards and U2 are listed as making an
appearance! It's on Sat September 5 at 9.30pm and Sunday Sept. 6 at 7.30pm.
Also ... on Tuesday 1 and 22 their showing Pavarotti for Bosnia 1996, Live
from Parco Novi Sad, Modena. Now if I'm right that's the one U2 played at.
Oh it's on Arena.


Hel :o)

'The world turns and we get dizzy
is it spinning for you
the way it's spinning for me' -Last night on earth.

'If you place the races of one country in two camps ... and cut off contact
between them, those in each camp begin to forget that those in the other are
ordinary human beings that each lives and laughs in the same way ... Thereby
each becomes suspicious of the other and even eventually fears the other,
which is the basis of all racialism.' - B. Fischer
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