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Sun, 30 Aug 1998 12:20:27 PDT


Jim said:
>If U2 have ony one album left to release, the record company owns >this
material,so if they wanted to release a compilation
>of U2s songs they could do it.This has been done in the past with
>other bands which have switched companies.

  U2 own all their material. So if a greatest hits thing is comming out
its *ENTIRELY* their decision. There might be pressure from Polygram for
an xmas release, or something to compliment the new video, or internal
pressure to get the hell out of matter the reason it
would be THEIR choice. What they put on it however I think would have to
satisfy Polygram. Anyways....

  Yeah bands will go to enourmous lengths to get out of record deals.
Prince even changed his name, and walked away with millions of dollars
without fufilling his contract. Clever guy. lol. I saw an ad on TV this
afternoon about a Dean Martin greatest hits twin cd set, and it got me
thinking about greatest hit compilations in general. They are usually(of
course there are exceptions!) as tribute (or to make that one last buck)
out of someone dead, to raise money in the name of someone dead for a
good cause, the last try from a dying band to get some fans to stay
alive, or that final farewell and thanks to the fans(ala Crowded House).
You usually find them in the "reduced items" bin at record stores, along
with crappy 50's/60's/70's compilations. They usually are inexpensive
and flashy, without one seconds thought put into them.

  With that in mind.....if U2 do this, I'll still be in line at the
record store the day its released to buy it :). *sigh* YKYAWW you'll
line up for a U2 Greatest Hits album lol.

Later Aligators,
P.S. To compliment this Greatest Hits album, U2 should do a free concert
at the Sydney Opera House like Crowded House did. Thats a sure fire way
to make people fall in love with your music (it worked for Crowded House
with me). Well a girl can dream can't she??

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