My bargin buy!!!

Joanna Laskey ([email protected])
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 22:22:18 ADT

Hi wireland :) :) :)
While away @ a youth conference we went to chapters where I found 2 U2
books in the bargin section!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) I was never so happy in
a long time. I bought U2 faraway so close for $4 and Into the heart for
$7 :) :) :) I can't believe I finally found them. So then on the way
home the people travelling in my car are all U2 fans (where I go to
school there is not one U2 fan!) so this is like heaven to me and we
listen to Achtung and Pop. When we get back to the camp we sing U2 songs
and then after awhile when I'm getting ready for bed I hear the radio in
the cabin next to mine playing one! It was a very U2y day.
Anyways I'm not really sure why I posted this but I'm sure one of you U2
nuts out there understands me :)
Peace and Love,

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