Daily Tally , FUNDRAISER END, Auction end

Heidi Dutton ([email protected])
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 17:51:35 -0400

 That's right - today is the deadline to end this puppy. I have one person
I'm waiting for - here is that person's initials:


 If you are not that person, and you still intend to donate, EMAIL ME so I
know I'm waiting for you, please! School starts on 9/8, and I will not
still be doing this by then.


 Received today-

- Lee Barnes - $10.00
- Kristal Barnes - $10.00
- Francesca Diehl - $35.00
- Kevin Selders - $25.00

  Thanks to all of you! :-)

 Auction has ended - the high bidder for the JT-era autographed photo has
been contacted!

  Also, I have recently emailed (again) 2 high bidders of the auction
before this one, and have yet to hear back from those people. If I don't
hear pretty soon, you've lost your item. I'm not waiting, this train is
leaving without you. I only am obligated to complete these transactions
for 3 business days; it is way past that, and I have yet to have the
consideration of a reply to my emails...don't bid if you don't want the item!

   Total collected - $1847.16
  Outstanding auction money - $268.00

                                Total - $2115.16!

 *** PLEASE - if you have received the item for which you were the high
bidder, notify me. I need to know, so that I can concentrate on only the
transactions that need to be completed! ********

 Thanks! :) Questions? ASK!

Heidi <----- getting an 'Auction Assistant' for future fundraisers...

 The 3rd Annual U2 Mailing List Amnesty International Fundraiser was
happening, and YOU MISSED IT! :-) It was open to any U2 fan with an email
address! Click here to see how it went! -

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