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Mon, 31 Aug 1998 15:08:38 PDT


  Argh I really resent the fact that people out there are associating
"anti-GH" thoughts with "U2-are-selling-out" ones. These are not the
same thing! I dont want a Greatest Hits album.....but I dont think U2
are selling out. I'm sure whatever their reason might be for this, that
it's a noble one. That still doesnt change that I'll be unsatisfied with
a GH album.

  Oh, also I dont think 'Bad' will be on it. No one has even heard of it
(well on the grand scheme of things)....cept fans, and radio DJ's who
are fans. This is why a greatest hits package is so stupid. Their best
songs ARENT their hits. Well......some of them are, but most of them

  The idea that a GH album will "hook" new fans is a little preposterous
to me. Firstly people will buy this album for the songs on it. They will
already KNOW the songs, there will be no surprises. If these people
wanted to get into U2 full on they would have bought a real U2 album by
now. Secondly, one album does not a die hard fan make. My family is a
classic example. We (errrr they) own **3**(admittedly one was free and
the other was my father buying the wrong record) U2 albums on vinyl.
THREE! (JT, R&H and UABRS). Are they fans?? NOPEY! Quite the opposite.
Over those 3 albums theres a pretty good coverage of U2's early career,
and still its not enough to *hook* them in. Liking one song is enough to
make someone buy an album.....but its not enough to make them buy the
next one if they DONT like the next single release. ARGH! I dunno if any
of that makes sense, but anywho.......

  J......*counts to ten to calm down*.....Johanessberg was the last date
of a year long non stop tour. How would YOU look after something like
that!!?? Its no wonder they were buggered! They didnt look washed up
during their vegas show......etc etc etc.

Patricia said:
>When you're an artist, you want to express yourself. That's exactly
>what U2 is doing.

 I dont know if you were specifically refering to a greatest hits album
in your post, but I'm taking it in THAT context(note this is NOT a
personal attack...Ive argued your point MANY times). A Greatest Hits
album is NOT much of a creative excersise. If they wanna express
themselves they should actually create, instead of "rearranging" which
is what a GH album is.

  U2 fans selfish!?? Damn straight! All humans are selfish, and arrogant
and etc etc etc. At least U2 is something worth being selfish about lol.

Later Aligators,

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