1984 MTV music awards!

Angela Lundberg ([email protected])
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 16:03:13 PDT

Hi Wire!

I know this might not have much (or anything) to do with U2, but it's
something that I'm really wondering about! I was looking through our TV
guide for this week and saw that it says this Friday at 11:00 pm
(central time) the 1984 music awards show is going to be on MTV!!!!
1984???!!! Do you think this is right? At first I thought maybe
they're going to show that same program they always show before the
"real" awards show--the one where it's just little clips from past
years. But in the TV guide it says it's supposed to start at 11:00 and
go until 2am! So, I'm just wondering...does anybody know if this is for
real? If it IS, I can't believe MTV is doing this!!! I have to get a
tape ready!!! Now if they'd only show Live Aid again!!!

Well, let me know if anyone knows anything about this! Hey! Maybe U2
was at the '84 show!!! I doubt it, but you never know...

Thanks (hope this wasn't a dumb reason for posting)

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