I'm looking for the perfect Mirrorball Man picture!!!

Snoop U2 ([email protected])
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 18:25:01 EDT

  Hey everyone!!

     Sad sad sad... I was getting all my best U2 pictures together to
put on a contact sheet in Lview (a picture program) so I could check to
see which would be the best to put up in my locker this year and I was
doing something and they all got deleted!! And I can't find a way to
undelete them. So I'm looking for some of my lost treasures - one is a
picture of Bono at the mic as MirrorBall man and there's this halo of
light around him, absolutely beautiful. Another is one of Bono with
Salman Rushdie on stage. It's a black and white pic and Salman is
pointing his finger at Bono (Mr.MacPhisto in the pic) and he has a look
of surprise on his face. I also had one of Bono that was kind of black
and red - it's on my homepage at
http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/5550/u2relate.html (or it's
u2album.html) - but it has writing over it! And there's one of Edge a la
ZooTV era in sunglasses, tank top and hat and he's up against and on the
left side of a beige/yellowish wall. Of course there were others but
these ones I know I'd really love back. So if you have any of them
please email me and tell me or just go ahead and send it if you could -
thank you so much to anyone who takes pity on me :)



BTW - just some things - last week I went to see a movie with some
friends and since the car had no radio and the tape player was broken we
were musicless, so I was asked to sing to provide some entertainment. I
broke out into Mysterious Ways and then to my enjoyment my friends
started joining in! Then I sang Sunday Bloody Sunday and they sang along
again! Anyways... it's just great :)

"O lijepa, O draga, O slatka slobodo"
        - Bono (Miss Sarajevo)

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