Re: You call yourself a fan???

Robbie Robinson ([email protected])
Tue, 01 Sep 1998 07:48:09 -0700

Jeez, Holly.
It was from a magazine that's sold all over europe.
I bet I can even buy it here in the USA at Boarders in the
imported magazine area eventually. (It takes a few weeks for
them to get here.)
I've been wondering for years when a really nude photo
of Bono would finally show up. He's always been known
to be willing to strip down at the drop of a hat:)
A big fan of skinny dipping. I'm suprised there were
no photos that got out when he took all his clothes off
in a restruant to do an interview. Reports of his younger
years said he was very prone to mooning.
I find the stories that as a teenager he use to ride around
in Strongman's car with other eventual Virgin Prunes members
and when they hit a red light, he would jump to the
middle of the intersection and drop his pants (and underwear;).
I'm sure everybody he knows and many he doesn't has seen his
bare butt at one time or another. Like I said, I was just
suprised at how long it took for some photo's to show up.
The boy ain't shy.
Cool down, it's no big deal.


Holly B. Morgan wrote:
> I had a chance to breeze through today's Wire digest at work today, and
> one of the posts that caught my eye was one claiming there were
> "pictures of Bono's butt" or something on a web site. I thought it was a
> joke- I mean, I know how a web site works- the more traffic, the better.
> So, when I had a spare minute, I checked this site, and what do you
> know- pictures of Bono- just like they promised.
> The worst part of this? Below all these "revealing" shots was a photo of
> Bono, his wife Ali, and his 2 young daughters Jordan and Eve. That was
> probably the very worst part of all. I just felt entirely embarassed for
> them, especially Bono's daughters. How would you feel, to be a 9 year
> old girl, with people putting photos of your dad with his butt hanging
> out on their website???
> I don't care where they were originally published, or why the website
> author decided to put them up. The photos were absolutely tasteless- not
> to mention the write-up that went with the pictures. I don't know what
> kind of U2 fan would condone that kind of absolute intrusion into the
> privacy of the very person they claim to be such a fan of. It's more sad
> than anything, and I'd like to say that I'm very disgusted by the people
> involved. Whatever your intention, and whatever your level of
> involvement, what you did was wrong- it was outright mean. U2 fans are
> great, it's the people who feed off of U2 that I can't stand.
> Shaking my head,
> Holly B.
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