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John scribed:

> No one is making me do anything. I was just relaying a
> hypothetical example of why some fans might
> be upset. Of course, I'm *sure* your reply is
> also hypothetical. :-)
> Personally, I would willingly purchase a "traditional"
> greatest hits type of album. I'd just be more happy if it were
> more. ;-D

I agree with John here. Although I'm not sure if his point is the
same as the one I'm going to make.

I usually by two different types of U2 items, as many of you do. The
first is the type that I listen to. The second, and I'm sure I'm
going to get flamed for this, is for my collection.

That's right -- I have items I have never listened to! (Oh God...
the horror!)

IMHO, a Greatest Hits is a listening album -- even though I prefer to
listen to the entire albums because of their "flow". For example, I
like to listen to "The Unforgettable Fire" in its entirety, not just
song by song. Don't get me wrong--there are those U2 albums that I
don't listen to in their entirety such as "POP". It's just that I've
maybe become accustomed to hearing certain songs played in a certain
order, or that I get the underlying theme from an album(like "Achtung
Baby" and the various concepts of Love that seems to consume every

I too, would be happy to purchase a Greatest Hits album -- but I'd be
ecstatic(as everyone else would be) to see 3 or 4 new songs tacked on
the end of the album.

Motley Crue did it, and IMHO, put out a wonderful piece of plastic.

I hope U2 does too but if they don't, I will be disappointed but I
will still buy the Greatest Hits album.

Another question that this arguement brings up: Will this be a
traditional Greatest Hits(a singles collection)? Or an artists' pick
Greatest Hits? Doing the latter seemed to be very en vogue in the late


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