I like this idea

Ignatious Wright ([email protected])
Wed, 02 Sep 1998 16:29:25 EDT

I thought of this idea awhile ago, but something Prarit said reminded me
of it: If U2 is a major part of the movie "Entropy" then you would
naturally assume that they would be making the sound track to the movie.
And if the movie contains many POPMart clips, then you would assume that
the soundtrack would be a POPMart show (or many shows put together) Now,
just what did they play at POPMart? What I would call their "Greatest
Hits" only with some newer versions of the older songs, Entropy
Soundtrack = GH album? hmm..

food for thought, unless someone has (undoubtedly) already brought up
this idea, in that case "cud for thought"

"how could beauty be so kind, to an or-din-ary guy?"

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