N.American (female) looking for a (female) travel partner to go to Eire

Shary T. ([email protected])
Wed, 02 Sep 1998 20:50:52 -0700

  I'm am lookin' to go to Ireland (from the U.S.) this November at the
earliest (unlikely) or next spring before April.
  Here are some starting tidbits on me to see if you think we might be
compatible travel partners, send me a note and I'll send a detailed
questionnaire to you to start the dialogue. :)
  I'm female in my late twenties. I don't smoke, but don't mind smokers
as long as you're considerate about it. I don't drink much or take drugs
and I prefer health oriented foods over greasy spoon entrees (not that I
totally abstain). :b I'm hoping to go for about a week and am hoping to
spend no more than $1,000 for the trip. I'm honest, easy going, but anal
about money. I expect total eye for eye when it comes to helping each
other out.
  EXAMPLE SCENARIO: I traveled with a coworker and she didn't want to
spend much money on her dinner so just got a small salad. I told her I
was going to order a slice of pizza (huge) and would give her half of
it. What would you do?
a) Totally decline even though you're hungry enough to eat it.
b) Say okay and offer to pay for part of it (though not necessarily
c) Say okay, eat it all up and go on as if nothing ever happened and
never bother to try to return the favor, because you take what you can,
when you can.
d) Say okay, and be conscientious enough to return the favor in some
small way later like by buying the other person a POP.
  If you answered (c) or sympathize with this choice...you need not
  Sorry if I offended anyone, but sadly, these are the things that make
or break a travel relationship. If you totally agree with me so far and
want to see the beautiful countryside of Ireland and U2 spots of
Dublin... by all means let me know.
  And, even if WE don't go together. I will refer prospective travel
partners to EACH OTHER upon request.
  ~Peace, Shary "...trip through your WIRE's..."
P.S. (I'm the bumper sticker girl) -check out the site:
P.S.S. I'm a travel agent, if it helps.

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