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Paul Bergman ([email protected])
Wed, 02 Sep 1998 20:01:01 PDT

Dear Wire,

After reading all of the rumours of a Greatest Hits album, I figured it
was time for me to put in a word.

First of all, the chance of U2 putting out a Greatest Hits album is
quite slim. Like they have said, they will put out a Greatest Hits
album when they are pretty much done. The chance of them putting out an
album quickly just to get out of the deal with Polygram is also slim.
Remember, U2 have a great record deal, and have shares in Polygram.

But now to the important stuff, I have a "bird" who is good friends with
a person from the U2 management staff, I do believe. From what this big
bird's bird has said, U2 is and has been in the studio for a while.
They have written one full song and will hopefully have the album out
before Christmas. Always remember though, that with U2, when they say
Christmas '98, Easter '99 might be a little closer. They would like to
have the album out before Christmas and have a handful of singles out
BEFORE the tour.

The muzik itself is rumoured to be more War-Unforgettable Fire-esque.
Like we've all heard, more rock orientated. U2's collective mind is
forever changing.

Now, what you want to believe is up to you but I am telling you what I
was told, from that bird who is good friends with a close U2 confidant.
If you have any questions, please post it to Wire. I think that's all.

Adding more to the pile,

Paul Bergman

Jacob wrestled the angel,
The angel was overcome.

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