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Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 20:40:11 EDT
Subject: Re: Bono's Butt

<<As for those of you getting your panties in a wad because someone
<<posts this
<<on their site ... get a life. There is nothing wrong with nudity or
<<being a
<<nudist. If you have that many reservations about seeing someone
<<else naked, I
<<would hate to think about what you think about yourself. I live in
<<a small
<<town, which happens to be the host of the largest Nudist Resort in
<<America. So I guess I am a bit more tolerant when it comes to that
<<sort of
<<thing. But really, if Bono wants to get naked at the beach, and
<<happens to take a picture of it then so be it. If he has a problem
<<with his
<<body being the center of attention, then he needs to be responsible
<<for his
<<own actions.

You see that is not the problem! the photographer abvoisly knew that it
was not Bono but they put up LIES! i would be very mad if someone put a
"Look Alike"(hardly!) of my dad naked! i know you dont think that it was
bono but thats not the point . also even Famous People Get PRIVACY! i
mean are you honestly saying you wouldn't care if someone took pictures
of you on a beach naked?? i think Bono should be treated like everyone
else..It is Illegal (stalking,tresspassing,defamation,slander,ECT...) to
take pictures of someone and post them publicly yet its ok to do it to a

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