A U2 Movie!!!!!!!! Its Coming Out Brand New!!!!! You Here It first

Paul Passantino ([email protected])
Thu, 03 Sep 1998 22:25:22 PDT

hey guys,

(this is a fact *screams* "A FACT ON WIRE!! WOW THAT HAS NEVER
HAPPENED!!! " ..so hold me to it if you must..)

I live near L.A. and my sister is an extra for movies(for those of you
who dont know what extras are they are people who Fill in spaces...like
crowded Banks in a movie..ect..) and she went to a street were they made
a fake stadium to look like the stadium in south africa and she was an
extra for the crowded stadium for a U2 movie that will be coming out
what they played there was mysterous ways the whole time so when you see
the movie youll know it was shot on a L.A. Street.. so there is a
movie/show....For U2 this was done about a month ago. well just thought
we deserved to be the first to know!

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