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> Oh poot!! have it all wrong!!! Being on set and watching
> the shot is absolutely thrilling!! One can learn heaps more in an 8 or 12
> and even 18 hour shoot that would take weeks of schooling to learn...(and
> then there's free food) Of course this is only true of you happen to be a
> film student, aspiring filmmaker, movie afficinado, and/or something of the
> like. Its utterly fasnicating to see it from the other point of few, the
> set ups, the lighting, the numerous takes and angles!! Next week is going
> to be utterly depressing because I can not go to LA and watch. This film
> my dream come true! Wim Wender's is an absolutely brilliant director...and
> happens to be my favourite also. Bono being involved is a wonderful perk.
> (Not to mention Milla...she changed my teenage-hood 4 years ago with her
> first record...very good if you ever get a chance to listen to it!!) I
> would give any thing to be able to see it being made...have that chance to
> sneak on set, to make friends...sigh I love being poor!!

Hello ... I have to agree here ...

I was given then opportunity to be in a Delta Express commercial. I had to be
at the set from 0700 til 1900 ... It was a VERY long day. And they did so
many takes and retakes it was unbelieveable! BUT ... Before I went I had no
interest in film making, but getting a chance to talk with the principles,
extras, and crew really sparked an interest.

I would say to anyone who is interested, go and watch. Even just for a little

Just remember to mind your P's and Q's.

Later Gator!
Shannon Carey-Thorpe

A man makes a picture, A moving picture
Through light projected he can see himself up close
-- Bono, Lemon.

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