RE: Bono's Sex Life

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Sun, 31 Jan 1999 09:49:52 EST

Ok...I gotta get my two cents in on this one. Has Bono cheated on Ali? Doesn't
matter. That's between them. If he did, does it make him slime? No, it makes
him human. I don't know a single man who could resist the kind of temptation
that Bono has to deal with. If he hasn't cheated, then I've got more respect
for him than I had already. I think it's obvious that he and Ali love
eachother very much. I mean, they've been together since high school. That's
over 20 years. Very few people in a "normal" marriage could make it that long.
I've also heard rumors that the reason Edge and Aislinn split up was because
she was cheating. I don't think that really matters either. But if it is true,
then I feel for him, having been through it myself. But he's happy now with
Morleigh, and THAT'S what matters. I think Aislinn and Morleigh are very lucky
women for having been loved by him. I have a bit of a crush on Edge
(understatement), and if I had him, I'd never let him go! Also, I'd love to
see Adam find someone and settle down, and join the others in fatherhood.
That's all for now.

Until the end of the world


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