What the ...

[email protected]
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 15:41:52 EST

bloody hell?!

Okay ... if any AOL person is able to read this post on the reflector page ...
please let me know ... 3 days and I have not been able to get the reflector
page up. Let's hope this does not effect other factions of my personal life.

Next ...
Okay so I am at home with the flu -- hence mad desire to read WIRE! -- and I
am watching the Super Bowl pre-game crap. Wanna know why? To count all the
U2 songs being played. Who ever you are working for FOX sports! I LOVE YOU!
Not as much as I love Adam, but you know how to make a wire persons day!
Especially an under the weather wire person!

And last ...
I haven't said this in a while ... I have been going thru some changes ...


Feeling a little better now!
Shannon Carey-Thorpe

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