Re: Good Trader Alert...Eve's Birthday?....Fav. Line

[email protected]
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 16:56:21 EDT

><snip> I recently received the Dublin
>Popmart video and was surprised at how well it was done - not being
>professional and all - just don't see how the person who filmed it could
>keep themselves from jumping up and down through the whole thing. I
>know I couldn't. I did love when he got onto the guy waving that laser
>beam into his eyes.

  Thanks for the compliment about my video michelle. i was the filmer of that
show and many others on the tour, 20 in all. the 2nd dublin show was one of
the best films i made. holding a camera for over 2 hours in the cold and rain
wasn't easy, but the results were worth it.
  there are numerous people out there now selling copies of the films i shot,
but if you want the best quality copies write to me.


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