"Rock's Hottest Ticket" on eBay

John J. Hlavaty ([email protected])
Thu, 9 Jul 1998 21:14:23 -0400

One of the best boot recordings of "The Joshua Tree" era is the
Chicago show entitled "Rock's Hottest Ticket". This title was derived
from TIME magazine which declared U2 as "Rock's Hottest Ticket"
on the cover in April, 1987. This recording features what many fans
consider as the ultimate performance of "With or Without You" and is
an excellent audience recording. Finding this "official" boot (a bit of an
oxymoron...) has become difficult for many fans. Hence, I am making 3
CD-R copies of "Rock's Hottest Ticket" available on eBay

This 2 CD-R set will come in a double jewel case featuring the same
color art work on both the original boot CDs and jewel case layout.
The sound quality of the CD-Rs is the same as the original boot CDs.
If you want to read more about this show, go to:
http://www.nd.edu/~jhlavaty/ticket.html. You can download a
ample .wav file of one of the track songs from this site.

Once on eBay, you will have to become a "registered" user
to make a bid. Do not worry, this will not cost you anything
nor do you have to submit credit card information. eBay
is just the auctioning service, not the seller. For example, you
can place a bid for "Rock's Hottest Ticket" at this site. If
you are a winning bid, you will then deal directly with me for
the remaining part of the transaction.

I am using eBay to sell this item only to test the demand for
it and to familiarize myelf with eBay. If the demand for this item
is high, then I may bypass eBay in the future. I have also
tried to keep the price low. Recently, a CD-R copy
of this boot went for over $52! I set my starting price at
$20.50. eBay provides a way for U2 fans to bid on other
rare U2 items (do a search for "U2" to see the list). For those
of you who go to eBay, I recommend using your brain and
doing some homework. Don't make outrageous bids on items
as this will hurt more than help the future sale of U2
paraphernalia. Best of luck to all of you!



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