HMTMKMKM and a roller coaster!

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 01:23:40 PDT

OOOOOH! OOOOH! I gotta great idea!

First, let me explain somethin' to those of you who don't know what
Magic Mountain is. It's an amusment park. LOTS of huge roller
coasters! SO DAMN FUN! It's in Southern California, and they just got
a new roller coaster: RIDDLER'S REVENGE! You stand up on this one!
It's in a section decorated like Gotham City, and it's next to the
Batman roller coaster.

AAAAAAAnyway, when I went to Disneyland, they changed Space Mountain for
the better. They put little speakers by where your head rests, and they
had this music playin' as you were blasted through the ride. It totally
MADE the ride! When you got goin' fast, the music got more intense. It
was awesome!

SO, my point IS (and, YES, I do have one...) that they need somethin'
similar for RIDDLER'S REVENGE! While you're zoooomin' around on that,
they should have HOLD ME, THRILL ME, KISS ME, KILL ME blastin' in your
ears! HOW WILD WOULD THAT BE?!? That's such a killer song, and it'd be
perfect for this Riddler ride.

I think it sounds amazing! I wanna write to Magic Mountain about


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