..looking for Mike?

crawford family ([email protected])
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 14:36:45 +0800

Okay not directly U2 related so ton those who get upset by trivia- scroll
Hi I am chasing a man.
....wow what a start! ..

...Actually I am looking for an Aussie guy - I think named Mike who e-mailed
me months ago re copying some of his videos etc for me in exchange for a
copy of my Johannesburg POP video and some blank tapes. I know 'Mike' if
thats who you, are months has passed ..but life has been crazy- my computer
crashed deleting all the 'important' stuff- ie U2 related stuff. If you are
still out there and are willing to copy some of your stuff (inc your Gavin
Friday video) could you contact me...

oh and can anyone of you traders/bootleggers( don't really care either
way)tell me if the USA VIDEOS are the same as Australia (PAL) I want to
send a 'home movie' to someone.. TA

Oh one more... Does anyone in Australia have the three hour or so rage U2 ey
thing that was on around the time of POPMART in Australia and wants to copy
it for me ....PLEASE!!

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