CD-R experts, please help!

Dara Zeehandelaar ([email protected])
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 23:36:36 -0700

Hi to Wire! College applications have kept me from posting for awhile,
but I've been here.
Anyway, here's my issue...
On the way back from the biggest soccer tournament around for people
under 19 (it was about a two hour drive away) I passed a teeny record
store and decided to stop in. Now, I'm 17 years old and don't have that
much cash to spare, but I have been looking for a copy of Salome working
tapes and the Los Angeles ZooTV on CD. I know I could have gotten them
from someone on the list (which, in retrospect, I should have done!) but
I saw them in this store and I was so happy! There's something about
Salome that entrances me so much- I can't explain it but being privy to
the amazing creative process is something that moved me...anyway, they
were both at this store on cd-r- I couldn't believe it! The guy offered
to sell them to me- I paid $55 for Salome and $25 for LA ZooTV, a big
chunk out of my camp counselor salary. I even asked to listen to them,
so the guy put on a disk from Salome on the CD player at the store and
it sounded fine. He gave me another copy of the CDs- 5 cds in plastic
sleeves, no cases, no liner notes. (is this normal procedure?) Anyway,
I get home and I'm so excited and when I put them in, the volume is very
very low and I have to turn my stereo up all the way and it's still so
soft I can barely hear it, all I hear is this hissing static, and it
cuts out about five minutes through each one. I cried.
So, my question is, is there any way to save these CDs? Any buttons on
my stereo that I can push that will make them sound good? Because I
have no idea where this store is other than that it's near a Mobil
station somewhere in between Upland and Los Angeles, and I have no more
money to buy more since I have to pay for college applications. I know
that a bunch of you are good at this technical Cd stuff- Pat? Geraldo?
Does anyone have any suggestions? (please email personally so as not to
clutter the list.)
Thanks in advance, apologies for the lack of direct U2 content that
everybody cares about, but I didn't know who else to ask and I'm sure
that you guys can sympathize.

wearing lemon,

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