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Mon, 17 Aug 1998 10:49:37 EDT

Hi I was wondering:

1) I subscirbe to PROPAGANDA, the last issue I recieved was the one with Bono
on the cover that came with the Sarejvo Concert Poster and sai U2 and OASIS on
the cover, I'm trying to figure out if there have been any since that
issue...have I missed an issue? etc .etc. Also is anyone aware of a email
address for PROPAGANDA, I live in the USA, NJ if that makes a diffrence.

2) I was wondering if any one could summrize for me info. on the newest album,
I keep hearing tid bits about the alnum but nothing concreate, "What do we
know?"....When might it be coming out? Any working titles? etc. etc. Will it
be followed by a tour etc. etc.

3) I was also wondering if and when they played New Zealand, if the end of the
seond North American Leg was the end of the tour or where else they played and

Pleas respond to me at [email protected] Thank you in advance for your help : )

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