Re:Don't Deal With this Person

[email protected]
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 21:41:04 EDT

<<>I need help from you guys. Where can I find U2 bootlegs in the Los Angeles,
>CA area? Please e-mail me at [email protected]
>Please give me like an address of these places if you know of them. I thank
>you so much.
>The Simiest

This person has ripped me and several other people off. He is a complete
con artist. Don't deal with him. Don't help him. Stay away.


I second that Jeff....this guy has ripped off SO many people and he STILL is
doing it...not only that but the lil prick took one of my www site pages
(pages I said..NOT a link to my site..but a PAGE) and directly linked to it
without asking...I forced him to take it down...BUHT..this guy will take ya
for everything and if U REALLY wanna mess with him...and see if hes legit just
ask him to send first...he loves that and U wont get anything from him but
some nasty email yelling at U for U yourself not sending first...

loves to always Im willing to bring on those sons-a-bitches and
suckas...thanks Bono for that "cow milk"....errr Crispin (gulp!)

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