Re: U2 mention in a Pop up video

[email protected]
Thu, 9 Jul 1998 00:39:09 EDT

<<Is it true that there is a Pop-up for Lemon? I have WTSHNN, ISHFWILF and
One, are there any others?>>

Yes, very true ..
is the website for Spin the Bottle Inc. the production company who releases
among other things, POP UP Video.

There is a schedule, which is usually accurate, unless VH-1 gets a hair up
their ass and decides to air alternate programming.

The Lemon video is in episode 97 ... at this time it is not scheduled to
appear between now and the 11th ... but keep an eye on it ... I am sure it
will "POP UP"

In the Name of Sparky Popping UP (oooh)!
Shannon Carey-Thorpe

I tried to email you but everything got returned ... I have some stuff you
will be interested in ... Please email me again at [email protected] ASAP
with an email address that works ... thanks!

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