Hey what the *#[email protected] is the deal with Japan?!

Pirate Bob ([email protected])
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 14:26:43 -0400

So i'm browsing CDNow because I was totally bored and I start punching
in my favorite band and seeing what they have listed.

Now a bunch have import albums from Japan with an extra track or two.

U2 had Pop, Veruca Salt had Eight Arms To Hold You, I think Madonna's
new one had a Japanese Import.

My question is what the hell makes Japan so special? Why do they get the
cd's with the bonus tracks. You never see Import discs with bonus tracks
from like Zimbabwe or something. What is up with that? Besides
ultraviolent animated porn (MST3K reference) what have they given us?
(that was a thinly veiled joke by the way)

I spent almost 40 bucks trying to get the singles for Eight Arms To Hold
You and the Japanese can just go down to their local Target (or Japanese
equivalent) and buy the Japanese version of the album which has all the
b-sides already on it!

It's not fair I tells ya!!!!

Pirate Bob
Monkey On A Mission...

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