Re: Old Tours vs. New Tours, Bono's Voice

Robbie Robinson ([email protected])
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 21:11:54 -0700

Jeff wrote:
>I'm looking
> forward to seeing how Edge's playing continues to develop. Probably my
> biggest disappointment with Pop was that Edge's guitar seems to have
> been kept in check, or at least not served up as the focus for many
> songs, to make room for their techno-oriented grooves and
> experimentation.

You look at Edge as only a guitar player? Don't you think that
it was Edge that was keeping the guitar playing in check and
coming up with those techno-oriented grooves and experimentations.
I think it's been mentioned more than once by Edge and others that
he gets bored with guitar. It has it's limits that have been pretty
well explored and it's hard to come up with anything new.
(and U2 is easily bored they've said)
It seems that some fans can't connect any of U2's music that isn't
on guitar with Edge for some reason. I kind of wish somebody would
start discussing the non-guitar part of the music that Edge does.
He's so much more than a guitar player.

I do get tired of the debate over Bono's voice. Everybody looses a
little of the high range as they get older and one of the main reasons
with Bono is probably because he abused the high end so much. It's not
a great loss. That goes first with every singer. I never liked the
screaming part of his singing much anyway. I always think that singers
do that because they aren't good enough singers to express their
emotions any way except screaming. As for the falsetto, I don't think
he could do that at all before the 90's. He can do fantastic things
with that falsetto. There might be other male singers that can do
that much and be that expressive in falsetto, but I can't think
of any. I wonder where he learned how to do that and control
it so well. Bono's lyrics have expanded their emotional range
over the years and his voice has expanded it emotional range, also.

Like U2 said, the 80's were just a rehersal for
the 90's (or something like that;)

> Anticipating my fair share of abuse...
> Jeff

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