Las Vegas video

Asko Lammentausta ([email protected])
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 11:44:01 +0300 (EET DST)

Hey!! What if the Las Vegas 'pro' shots aren't all the same!!??
There were many cameras, but my copy uses only 2 of them,
and they aren't mixed together but change after DYFL.
If the guys who distributed this (how did it happen after all??)
did put all the shots out there!! The shooting is quite horrible,
but there are good ones too, like SATS. Is there a video
where the screen can be seen all the time?? It's rarely
seen, because all the pro-shots I've seen zoom only
to audience or Bono. Best would be from the back of the
stadium, quite high so no heads, and good zoom, where
the whole screen is to be seen, but still see what's going
on on the stage, too.. And later the b-stage.

Anyway, I've seen the first and the last show, and
I think that the first is better. It had flaws, but
the versions of the songs were better. SATS
is quite good (take 1 was fun) but the best version
of this song what I've heard is on Shopping Eugene.
Where else Larry plays the tom-tom drums in the beginning??
Absolutely fantastic!!!

Traffic..stops the rock and roll *
                        ~Mde * [email protected]

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