Bono as a chameleon ("I wish I could get my makeup to look like McPhisto's".)

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Tue, 28 Jul 1998 02:03:25 PDT

 (Ok I'm going to appologise from the outset about the length. This is
something Im passionate about and Im not shutting up this time)

  Firstly I just wanna say that you guys are WAAAAY overintellectualisng
the whole thing. (was that a word? anyways) Yeah theres meaning behind
the characters, and if you wanna explore that you should do so in your
own time. Its like you cant let go for even one second to be emersed in
it all.

  Ahhhhh the Fly and McPhisto. Actually I think the Fly is a teeny bit
boring. I sit through the "Zoo from Syd" vid just(well not JUST) to get
to the McPhisto bit. Hes so tragic and cool and waaay appealing that I
cant help myself. Its hard to explain but I get ultimate pleasure from
that kind of creative process. Before anyone craps on about how its NOT
creative its simply rehashing old stuff you should realise that our
ENTIRE lives are rehashing old stuff. If someone actually comes up with
something new and potentailly exciting our barriers go up and we shut
our eyes/cover our ears. I **refuse** to be like that. If Bono wants to
do a whole concert in drag(for example)...thats his perogative as the
ARTIST. Its my job as the audience to actually give something a chance
before casting judgement. If judgement is even required (which in the
Bono case it isnt). Even bad art is art. (BTW I think Bonos characters
are GOOD.Dont over interpret that last line lol)

J said:
>Wirelings would rather indulge ourselves with U2's music rather than
>fixating ourselves to a 30 second U2 appearance as the Village

  As for the whole Discotheque, Village People thing......all I can say
is (except for the "Stay" vid, and I dont hear anyone complining about
them playing angels....) thats my fav vidclip of all time! What a crack
up! I LMAO through the whole thing.....whether it be the first or 100th
time Ive seen it in a day. I can SEE that the boys are having fun....I
can recognise a spoof at 30'.....and I can let myself go without having
to analyse it BEFORE I take the time to enjoy it!!!! Fair enough,
thought is good, and we should take nothing for granted, but when you
think to the point that you cant enjoy it anymore I think your thinking
way too much.

Rob said:
>Is anyone real eager to see another Bono character or clched

 Errrr yup I am. I enjoy them. I find something in them that is fun,
creative, energetic, vital. Even if all it does is keep the Boys
interested.....isnt that something to be thankful for??

Tom said:
>It all comes from the music for me -- if I don't enjoy it, I don't
>care what they look like. If I do enjoy it -- I >don't care what they
>look like.

  If it IS all about the music (which I swear is becoming a WIRE
catchphrase *beware**beware*) then why must we critisise the rest of the
unit. U2 is U2 mind body and soul.......costumes, stage and music (in
that order). Its a whole. Without one there cannot be the others. Im a
bit sick of this myself and theres no point going on about it (too
late). Some people cant appreciate what they have. "You give it all but
I want more".

Rob said:
>you watch and can't help but think, OK some more contrived b.s.
  Actually no. I watch and I think "Hmmmmmm Adam's looking mighty fine
(wish I could see his face)";and "Wow this guitar riff is KICKIN"; and
even "I wish I had platforms like McPhisto". Sure I'll admit most of
what Im thinking is pretty superficial stuff. (So dont even think about
flaming me with that comment.)But the last thing on my mind is "some
more contrived b.s."........maybe Im wierd, maybe I love U2 too much,
maybe I need a therapist. But I prefer to enjoy myself than refuse to
enjoy myself because of these type things. (I lied before when I said I
was going to shut up lol).

  I dont especailly care who did what first......U2 is doing it now and
bigger/better/with a slightly different Edge (hehehehe). So are we going
to critise U2 cause they didnt come up with the whole concept of "rock"?
Or even cause they didnt invent "music"? Sheesh. Get over it.

Your just Anti-McPhisto,
P.S. So what you basicaly want is for them not not perform at all cause
like Edge said once....."turns out an anti-style IS a style" (I
paraphrase........I think).Point being nothing they do will ever NOT be
in persona. Thats what performance is about. Get over the material, let
yourselves go, take some drugs or sumthin *lol* Oh yeah and no offense.
Im not attacking anyone.....just expressing my opinions. If none of that
made sense....sorry.

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