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Joel Tanner ([email protected])
Thu, 6 Aug 1998 14:22:13 -0700

Hi all....

I (pre) apologize for this reply and wasting wire space. This was posted in
public, so I feel the need to complete the story, which chuck has failed to

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> Subject: shopping mall/spam/and other related topics
> Now, we also want to apologize for the delay in the site upload.
> You can thank
> Joel Tanner at Interference for that.

Excuse me? Did I stop you from uploading? The delay is no one's fault but
your own. Not that most people here care that it WAS delayed. Oh shucks, it
was delayed? My world and every other Wireling's is crumbling beneath our
feat now.

> We originally wanted to
> work with him to
> have a site like this, my concept of the one stop shopping mall,
> rather than
> surfing all over to get these things.

Ahh.. ORIGINALLY... (everyone please note this).

>But he in his infinite
> wisdom, (catch
> the sarcasm, please) told us in no uncertain terms that it is his
> show and for
> us to (and I quote) "sit down, shut up, and enjoy the ride"

Chuck, you have taken this out of context completely. When we spoke, you had
very much confirmed to me that you wanted to post your advertising on Wire
(as you have done so) and other U2 fans of which you have their email
addresses. I strongly disagreed with this method and explained to you that
it was an improper way of getting attention to a website for fans,
especially being a site with commercial intent, and that you must do things
in a more subtle, less ego driven fashion. (trust me on this one, I have
learned from past experience). This was then when I said "sit down, shut up,
and enjoy the ride" , which was referring to my plans of how I was going to
assist you in the design and launch of your site. If your going to quote me,
why not tell the whole story, eh?

> making references
> to "the enigma and mystery of Interference"...whatever.

uhmm... that must be your own quote, those are not my words.

> He then got angry when we checked out his reputation and found that
> Interference has a less than stellar rep with the U2 camp. We
> then decided to
> go it alone.

Oh! I'm scared!
Chuck, please, I was never angry because of something a receptionist from
Principle Management said. It's very pathetic that you need to check with
PM about everything you do... don't you have your own judgement?

If this is true about "going it alone" after that incident, then you have
been boldly lying to me every time we speak. For the past several months you
have been telling me how much you, sander, and Zooropean as a whole were
looking forward to working with Interference. Another continued lie I

> He registered the name last week out of spite and
> after beating our
> server to the punch and has no plans to utilize it, he said he
> did it merely
> to "get our attention".

Excuse me? Is this an assumption that I have no plans to utilize it?
I did get your attention didn't I? I must have because you have brought a
PRIVATE issue into a public forum, a place it should not be. If you would
have registered "your" domain name, then I couldn't have registered it.
There is no trick in that. If you wanted no one stopped you from
getting it if it was unregistered on Interring.

> In the past several months he has managed to put up news (done by
> Deseree, a
> great person whom deserves the news credit, not Joel), a bogus
> Mofo single,
> and stills from webcam Belfast show and that is all., all in three-four
> months. Wow. Great job, Joel. A legend in his own mind.

Oh, owwweee... that hurts chuck.
Yes, Deseree does a wonderful job on the News at ,
doesn't she? :-)
She is give the credit she wants, which is on the news page. All I have done
is design the news page, and very rarely I help maintain it. She really does
a wonderful job with the site. (thanks Des!.) And by the way... "bogus Mofo
single" .... uhmm.. personally i think Crayon, Peter Hanning, did a
wonderful job with his remixes. ORIGINAL fan material. (what a concept).
Just for the record..., individuals on Wire and one of the newsgroups have
been impressed enough with the remixes to ask if they are for purchase. Of
course, they are free in MP3 format, and are not for sale in any hard

As far as what we have assembled for public access on our site.... what the
hell does this have to do with your over promoted mall site? As far as I
see... nothing. We (that are working on Interference) are not building a
site for a motive of profit, but of quality content. If that process takes a
year... so what, we didn't spam wire in the process, and bash other u2 sites
as an excuse for our laziness to register a domain name.

Chuck, for a professional editor (of the Zooropean) you have come accross to
me as quite unprofessional by attacking me in a public forum. I'm truly glad
that I have seen your true colors over the last few months and I am very
pleased that I will not be in any cooperative effort with you or your

Once again, sorry for posting this in public view, I will not do so again on
this topic.

Joel Tanner

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