RE:meeting the band and bimbo celebrities...

[email protected]
Sun, 9 Aug 1998 23:28:59 EDT

Hello everybody!

Reguarding what Khufu said about me...

I wrote the post in momentary frustration, and yes, maybe a bit of jealousy.
But I am NOT a monster. I am sure anyone on WIRE can say that they have felt
that way once or twice in their life. And maybe assuming that all celebrities
are bimbos, that was far fetched. But for some celebrities, that is just my
impression. And then there are others, which are completely nice and
(searching for the word....) genuine... Not fake, I guess I am trying to say.
I am sure that they have worries and thoughts just like the rest of us, but as
I am only 14, it seems like their money is the answer to everything... I just
think that sometimes celebrities can get cought up in self-importance, and
that is what irritates me about them. And again, this is not them all, just
some of them.

I do not write posts to irritate people, rather to give my opinions, so sorry,
if you are ticked.
anyways bye everybody!

Oh yeah, and the U2 content in this.... Last night, I rented Far Away, So
Close.. I have not seen the whole thing, but so far, it is kind of weird(and
kindof hard to understand), but really good. I am going to finish it tonight..

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