Re: Bono allergic to whiskey?

Robbie Robinson ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 20:17:36 -0700

^Mr. MacPhisto^ wrote:
> Just a stupid question. My friend said that she read in a magazine that
> Bono is allergic to this true?
> Adrian

Naw, I was subed to Wire when that whole possibality came up in
the media. He had an allergic reaction to something while they
were doing the interviews before Pop came out (or the tour started,
I can't remember which). At first the doctors thought he'd developed
an allergy to red wine and asprin (they both have something in them
that people can develope allergies to). That's what Bono
said in an interview he did while he was still all swollen
up and on medication for the allergic reaction. That's what the
media reported, but some of the papers might have elaborated on
it and added things ;) the media likes to do that you know.
However, they later found out it was an reaction caused by him
taking some prescription medication and drinking at the same time.
You know those warning labels on a lot of prescription bottles
telling you not to drink while taking this. Welllll, Bono didn't
follow his instructions:)
Anyway, Bono did his usual share of drinking during the tour,
and there's been plenty of reports about *that* too;)
The only thing mentioned about Bono and whisky in an interview was
once last year when Bono told the interviewer that he couldn't
drink whisky when he was out in public because it made him too
agressive. He said that he never started fights in pubs, but if
some asshole started a fight with him while he was drinking whisky,
he would finish it. He said it had cost him some money in the past;)
It seems he usually goes for wine, champange or tequila by most
Too much tequila at the party after the Mexico City show resulted
in him waking up shaved bald the next day;) I saw the proof from
eighteen inches away at the Seattle show. In fact, I touched his
bald head just to be sure (and it's suppose to be good luck to
rub a bald guy's head. hahahaha) The first thing I remember him
saying onstage after he took off his hood was "It'll grow back."


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