PopMart Concert

Paul Passantino ([email protected])
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 20:49:18 PDT


I went to the L.A. Popmart concert and i was 3rd row....right on the cat
walk.....i could reach out and grab Bono's pants.......well anyway
obvuiosly L.A. is in The United States and somebody last issue send
something about like mashing......i dont know im confused.....well
anywaythe seats were awsome! also...true story(if you dont believe me
get the L.A. concert and watch it).........well anyway on one of the
songs when he was on the catwalk he motioned with his hand to throw up a
hat well anyway the person i went with had like a blue fishing hat on
and he threw it up there and Bono grabed it and danced with it. it was
so awsome and he still has it to this day!

does anyone have a video tape or cd of the L.A. PopMart concert?
willing to pay reasonable amount!!!!!!!!

also one more thing....not that it neccesarily has to do with you guys
on Wire...... but i think that nobody gives Edge,Larry,or Adam enough
Credit! they always say....i have Bono's Glasses from popmart but never
i have edges guitar pick or Larry's drum stick...(by the way the only
reason i said that story about Bono was because that is the only story i
have im not being hipocrytical)


"six o'clock in the mornin,your the last to hear the warnin and you
trying to trow your arms around....Larry,Adam,Edge"



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