Re: Gay People Suck

Rachel ([email protected])
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 20:33:12 -0400

Ok, now I know that we just had this debate on Wire a couple weeks
ago...but yet I feel compelled to step in when I see comments such as
Michael, these sort of posts are inappropriate and have no place on
Wire. Whatever your private beliefs are are your business, no one is
allowed to tell you how to think. But when you post to a public forum
with titles that are meant to enflame, you provoke everyone on this list
to no end. I for one, am exasperated with you. All of your posts are
useless and silly. My personal opinion is that you enjoy seeing people
in anger over something *you* said...maybe, for some crazy reason, that
makes you feel important.
Here's hoping that you will finally realise how pathetic your posts are.


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