Starla doesn't want My u2 from A to Z~ Does anyone out there want it???

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Mon, 31 Aug 1998 18:12:15 EDT

So after taping U2 from A to Z yesterday for Starla. I think it is a whole six
hours of U2 stuff. Six hours of my life i will never get back.
 I get an Email saying
"Oh that is OK I am already getting it"
What a drag!!
That sucks !
 was just going to send it to her nothing in return just going to send it
SO now i have a "U2 from A to Z and then some tape"
anyone want it?
Bye the way, for all of you reading this, when I, MODSAVAGE say I am going to
do something I do it and get it out!!
I don't goof around. If I have a U2 something and tell you I have it that
means I will make it and send it out asap!! I don't keep people hanging. Which
those who claim to have U2 stuff and take your time making it and sending it,
YOU SUCK!! (unless of course you are really sick or something) And if for some
reason i am late with it i will add something to the package!! I guess my
point is don't offer up U2 anything if you can't deliver or do it in a timely
"I went looking, I went looking. I went looking for spirit, I found alcohol. I
went looking for soul and I bought some style. I WANTED TO MEET GOD! to sell
me religion." Bono POPMART
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