Something funny that happened yesterday...

lucilla zaidenberg ([email protected])
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 07:12:20 PST

Hi, Wireland!
As I was roaming the channels with my remote yesterday, I at some point
found on MTV Europe the Sweetest Thing video... I caught it in the
middle (the part with the "coach" and Bono with that tooth thing) and
was surprised to see that the "box" with the names of artist/song etc
was "already" on... It then flashed and appeared again, and the funny
thing in all this is that this "box" stayed on for *15* minutes, not
less, well into a special about the Back Street Boys... (someone from
MTV *wasn't* paying attention...) Now please don't flame the Boys too
hard, my mother thinks they're cute (I think they touched her maternal
instincts)... And I remembered something Bono said about U2 being no Boy
Band, and not making videos in halloween costumes... "we're *men* (he
said) and men are more frightening than boys"... But what about the
Discoteque video and "the policeman", "the cowboy", "the sailor" and...
what was the fourth one? (it's been a while since I saw that one for the
last time...) Don't the U2'ers "play roles" (you know, children play and
adults practice sports) too? And did anyone else saw Larry trying hard
not to laugh in the Discoteque video? He doesn't seem to see much point
in acting, does he? Sorry if it's old news, I'm new to the Wire, you
All my love,

We're not the message, we're the messengers... The message is love.
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